Release notes

What’s in 8.3.0?

SaltStack® Config 8.3.0 includes a refresh to the user interface and extends vulnerability support to Windows operating systems. You can now scan Windows nodes for security vulnerabilities and can remediate advisories using updates and patches from Microsoft.


user interface refresh

The user interface now includes a fresh redesign for better navigability and ease of use.

Vulnerability support for Windows

In SaltStack SecOps 8.3.0, the vulnerability library now includes the ability to scan Windows nodes and remediate the latest advisories from Microsoft. Nodes running Windows can receive these updates using either the Windows Update Agent (WUA) or a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

Issues resolved in this release

  • In SaltStack SecOps compliance, you might need to repeat the process of remediating and scanning multiple times in order to achieve full compliance. This is because some checks are dependent on the completion of others. For example, one check might require a package that’s deployed by another check before it can be remediated properly.