Install the license key


This page explains how to install your license key. When you first install SaltStack Enterprise, it contains a 14-day trial license. To continue using SaltStack Enterprise beyond the 14-day trial, contact Support to purchase a license and then install the key following the instructions below.


Installing your license key is the first post-installation step in a series of several steps. Before installing your license key, complete one of the installation scenarios then install your license key. To begin the installation process, see Installation overview.

Install your license key

When deploying an Enterprise API (RaaS) node, you will need to add your license key to the /etc/raas folder.

Once you have added the license key, set ownership of the file to the raas user, as follows.

sudo chown raas:raas /etc/raas/raas.license
sudo chmod 400 /etc/raas/raas.license

Next steps

After installing your license key, you must complete additional post-installation steps. The next step is to install and configure the Salt Master plugin. To continue the post-installation process, see Install and configure the Salt Master plugin.