Improve system performance


Perhaps in a few weeks or after installing SaltStack Config when you are feeling confident that everything is operating as expected, you can begin to optimize your system’s overall performance. This page provides some guidance and additional links to articles for more information.

Tuning processes on your RaaS node

When the RaaS service starts, it creates two types of processes:

  • Tornado processes - Allows connections from Salt masters and web browsers
  • Celery processes - Background workers

By default, the RaaS service sets the count for each process type to half the number of CPU cores.

In most cases this is optimal, as the RaaS node should be dedicated to this task.

If you need to deploy RaaS on a node that supports additional services, you can override the default behavior by adding the following to your RaaS service configuration file located at /etc/raas/raas:

num_processes: 8
  concurrency: 8

The following guides might be helpful for tuning:

Benchmarking guide

For help with benchmarking the performance of SaltStack Config, see Benchmarking Guide for SaltStack Enterprise.

Tuning PostgreSQL

For a PostgreSQL tuning guide, see Tuning your PostgreSQL Server for SaltStack Enterprise.