SaltStack Config installationΒΆ


VMware acquired SaltStack and its products in October 2020. Because of this acquisition, the following changes have occurred or will occur that impact the customers using this website:

  • SaltStack Enterprise is now named vRealize Automation SaltStack Config.
  • Starting November 2, 2020, the downloadable installation files and packages that are available on the Downloads page will also be available on MyVMware under the vRealize Automation Product.
  • Starting May 10, 2021, the SaltStack Config SecOps SDK packages will be available for download on
  • Starting May 18, 2021, the native minion software packages for Arista, Juniper, AIX, and Solaris devices will be open-sourced and available for download in the Salt Install Guide under Native minions.
  • The delta proxy and Agentless Windows modules will also be open-sourced at at a future date.
  • After June 17, 2021, the downloadable files and packages will only be available on MyVMware exclusively. If you are an existing SaltStack customer and you do not yet have your MyVMware account, contact your SaltStack sales or support representative for assistance.
  • The installation documentation on this site is now only available at VMware Docs Center. To access this documentation, go to the SaltStack Config Product Documentation landing page and click the side menu link for Installing and Configuring SaltStack Config.
  • In addition to changing the download locations, the support process for existing customers is transitioning to VMware. See Contact Support for updated contact information.