SaltStack Enterprise installation

This installation guide explains the process for installing SaltStack Enterprise 6.4.0 from the beginning to the end. It is intended for network system administrators with the general knowledge and experience required in that field, such as experience working with Linux and the command line. You do not necessarily need advanced knowledge of Salt or SaltStack Enterprise before installing SaltStack Enterprise.

If at any time you encounter difficulties with the installation that are not addressed by this guide, Contact Support.

Using this guide

The installation process has three main phases:

  • Pre-installation
  • Installation
  • Post-installation

This guide provides content to support each phase, as described in the following sections.


During the pre-installation phase, begin by familiarizing yourself with the overall system architecture for SaltStack Enterprise and Salt if needed:

Next, read an overview of the installation process:

Then, refer to the pre-installation planning checklist for a series of questions you need to answer about your installation project along with some guidance about how to make key installation decisions:

After you finish planning your installation, you need to install or update Salt and the dependencies required for the SaltStack Enterprise installer:

Next, download, transfer, verify, and import all files necessary for your installation scenario:


During the installation phase, pick one of the two installation scenarios based on your network’s infrastructure:


Guidance about which installation path to select is provided on the Pre-installation planning page.


After the core installation process is complete, you need to complete some post-installation steps:

Additional content

The rest of the installation guide provides additional guidance as needed, such as information on Upgrade from a previous version and Troubleshooting. See the side navigation for a complete list of the installation guide contents.